Strictly Savage

by Afflictive Nature

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released January 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Afflictive Nature Texas


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Track Name: Beneath the Streets
The truths I find buried under my feet. Beneath the streets.
Embedded in the past to keep it bleak.
Are all I have to show for this life, that's so steep.
Uphill and down the drain.
Searching for answers, but only finding pain.
This pent up fury that exist in my veins, runs through my body and controls my brain.
Track Name: O;EDptII
My being is infinite. I'm above life and death.
I got the devil on his knees praying I loosen my grip.
My voice spits the truth that you're afraid to hear.
Creeping in your mind and taking your life asteer.
Off the tracks and into the dumps.
Forcing your thoughts to fall to stumps.
Try to grasp it but only falling. Splitting in two.
I'll watch your life fall apart right in front of you.
Watching you crumble to the truth my mouth and mind produce.
I do not hold the devil's tongue. I speak reality as blunt as I choose.
So lose your mind at your own pace. Let this steal your views.
I'll take responsibility for crushing your muse.
Track Name: Nothing Beyond
Born into blind faith, my conscious mind grew out of.
Living for a ghost that just isn't holy.
I can't get back the time I've spent,
preparing for an end that, I won't ever see.
The foolish fall in line. It makes me fucking sick.
They devote their lives to bullshit.
Unanswered prayers are all that i find.
I'm fed up with wasting my time.
No hope,
no faith.
No tears,
no pain.
No heaven,
no god.
No salvation, nothing beyond.
Track Name: Let Down
Thoughts grow stronger. These nights get longer.
With the two in hand, my life starts to falter.
No apparent end to this agony.
Wish I could've been who you wanted me to be.
Instead I'll sit in my room and question reality.
Was it so hard to stick to "the plan"?
Get old with "the life" and be a "real man".
Bust my ass working like a dog.
Following orders. Never doing wrong.
I saw where it left you. It's just not for me.
I state my claims against society.
Unrighteousness is all that I've been trained to see.
There is no path ahead.
These thoughts will haunt me till I'm dead.
I'm sorry, so sorry.
I'm sorry if I ever let you down.
Track Name: Mindset
I've suffered enough, what's the point of this hell?
I hope I'm around long enough to live and tell,
these stories of defeat that have beaten me down.
They're flipped me over, around and around.
In this repeating cycle, that is less than fair.
I'm simply searching for a way out, that just isn't there.
So suck it up, cause "the real world is cold.
Every man for himself" is what I've always been told.
I've been stuck in this mindset for most of my life.
I won't follow your orders. I will live my own life.
Track Name: Body of Two
I feel your presence, it's beyond just me.
This body once mine, is now filled with your disease.
Uncontrollable actions, involuntary thoughts.
The unstoppable force is the body of two.
A war within. An endless fight.
Your stuck inside, with no end in sight.
I can't even hide in my own peace of mind.
Stuck inside. No end in sight.
Disease stricken, it's my only companion.
I've been alone for so long, i'm just seeking interaction.
Are you feeling it? Are you feeling this disease?
I'm not feeling it inside me.
Control. Consume. My life.
Controlling my actions. Forcing the wrong.
Consuming my body. When will you be gone?