Jungle Juice Split

by Afflictive Nature

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released January 21, 2013



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Afflictive Nature Texas


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Track Name: DTIS
I never should've let you make yourself so close
I'll take this knife from my back, and hold it up to your throat.
I tried my best to be the bigger man, but always got cut down.
So now I'm stabbing you back, to clear this scum from this town.
An eye for an eye keeps this whole world blind,
but I don't give a fuck I'm getting mine this time.
Track Name: Caught Up
Caught up in another lie. Don't see what you're trying to hide.
Are you really that desperate for a bit of attention?
Or are your morals and friendships straight out of the question?
You'll take the biggest dagger and stab me in the back.
But not just the fact that you feed off lies,
I've heard your closet friend tell me, he wishes you would die.
I can't see everything at one time, but i can see that you feed off lies.
Track Name: Doomed from the Start
Since the beginning it has been halfway to the end of this world.
All your attempts, they will fail.
Evil always will prevail.
Violent struggle too remain.
I'll watch your thoughts drive you insane.
We have been doomed from the start
Track Name: Edge Up
Dark thoughts are corrupting my mind.
Track Name: Evil Doer
I've walked along side the selfish and wicked,
and still my dirty deeds have left me out to dry.
This life I live has left me so vicious,
the demons around don't even dare to try.
I stand alone, no rules or boundaries are put in place for me.
I stand alone, even the condemned are plotting against me.
No rules or boundaries are put in place for me.
I solely live to see this world bleed.
I am the Evil Doer.
No one stands above me.