Judged Punished Erased

by Afflictive Nature

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Recorded by: Phillip Odom
Released by: Life to Live Records


released November 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Afflictive Nature Texas


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Track Name: The Swarm
From a distant star we came.
No relation to your idols, nowhere near the same. Sit back and await our arrival.
Gaze in awe at all our advancement, compared to your own. Feel the chill of fear knowing that we are in your home.
WE ARE A SWARM unpredicted by your white coat messiah.
WE ARE A SWARM unprepared were the masses under fire
We are a swarm uncontrolled. Manifest, our destruction
Parasitic disease, swallowing your species.
Crafted by your very own. Flesh is rotting on the bone. Bodies falling one by one. Now you know your time has come.
For those who've been spared, upon your bodies our young will feed. Slowly growing on the inside, until the time comes to eat you alive
Try and understand the time wasted by society. Your almighty dollar won't save humanity
Man had centuries as kings of the Earth. Now it's rapidly decaying, you've forgotten what it's worth. Judgement passed towards a failed institution. Rid the Earth of man. The only solution.
Embedded with guilt, down to your core
Occupied with things you value more
Choking on ash, and buried in rubble
All life erased, lost in the stuggle.
Track Name: Breathless Existence
A blistered sun unveils the pestilence.
Fruitful earth now a walking cemetery.
Watch as the widowed feast on their dead.
Jagged teeth will catch thy neck.
In hopes to drain what life is left.
Despair out floods the unfortunate few.
Drowning in ruins, beliefs unglued.
Cough up the dust of the ways they once knew.
The hands of time are still, with no tomorrow in view.
Fists of the rash will beat away until they bleed.
Self inflicted suffering.
Salvation scarce. Peace unknown.
Unholy angels. Unholy throne.
Terrorizers laying waste.
For our sins we've been-
Judged Punished Erased.
Track Name: Nature Within
Spread the word as quick as disease about the fall of humanity
What do you have left to blame as your structures fall quicker than they came.
Who points the finger? Who dares to take the load off their fellow man?
All will be left barren with only the nature within.
Watch the masses spread like ants from a magnifying glass held in the sun.
Watch mouths spit and spew their reasons for suffering.
Watch the few who dare bite the hand that feeds, sink their teeth into the reality.
Shed your skin, shed your flesh, the outer layer of your security within
Toss out the scriptures, your fantasy fixtures, your warmth of the lord.
Seep in the sorrow, and now let survival piece together a new mold.
Faith starts to freeze, sin is thawed out.